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In Proambiente Alfaz we have a wide variety of products, all top quality, we serve both in bulk and in bags.

We have different types of lands, and a large assortment of decorative grave for your garden.

STAND ON THE IMAGE OF EACH PRODUCT and you will be able to accede to a more detailed description of it.

If you wish you can access our CONTACT FORM, to request information or place an order.



The substrate is one of the best organic fertilizers, that allows to keep the fertility of the soils with excellent results in performance of the crops and gardenings.

It's obtained in a natural way by aerobic decomposition of organic residues, as vegetable remains coming from gardening and natural fertilizers (Manure of horse, cow, sheep ...).

The humus in general is created by feedstock. It's formed by vegetable remains and natural fertilizer, as the substrate, but endowed with a thinner texture for the preparation of the soil destined for the lawn's plantation.

The use of this layer of material applied to the soil surface, is mainly modify the effects of local climate and conserve moisture, improve soil fertility and health, reduce weed growth, and enhance the visual appeal of the area.

The mulching is another variety of substrate that serves as a protective cover for the soil. If the cover is opaque, the lack of sunlight prevents the development of weeds that compete with crops for water and nutrient resources.

hoja LANDS

Screened land: Screening is separate earth from powder, or particles separated by size substrate.

Our company has a screening plant where the soil is selected, through sieves that separate it from useless materials for the garden.

The enriched land is obtained by a mixture of screened topsoil and substrate.

It can be mainly used to fill boxes, especially for organic gardens and landscaping. It retains moisture and improves texture and soil drainage, avoiding compaction, and promotes the overall development of the plants.


With the use of gravel apart from decorating, we procure to protect the land of sudden changes of temperature and to keep a major land's dampness. In addition it makes the garden's maintenance almost null.

We've got diverse colors and a ranges according to its uses and needs: volcanic gravels, marble, boulders, or common gravel...

The granulometries change between 4/12, 10/20 and 14/32 m/m approximately, according to the variety of gravel.

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